Tuesday, October 16, 2007

My New Obession: Tyler Florence

I picked up a Tyler Florence "Real Kitchen" Cookbook at the library the other day & I am in LOVE! His recipes are phenominal & he makes it sound so easy!

So tonight I tried a slow-cooked salmon recipe from his cookbook. The idea of slow cooking salmon is very weird to me. I am used to the normal, cook at 400F for 5 minutes. So when I read this recipe I was intrigued.

I'll have to wing it b/c I left the book at home, but his original recipe was for Slow Cooked Salmon & Asparagus. While I love aspargus, the hubs does not. So I omitted that & made steamed cauliflower with cheese sauce. We had this with the remainder of the caprese salad.

For the salmon, preheat oven to 250F. Place salmon in a baking pan & drizzle with canola oil. Seaons with Salt & Pepper. According to his directions this should only take 20 minutes. Well at 20 minutes my Salmon was still raw, so I up'd the temp to 300F for another 10 minutes. Still not so cooked, so up to 350F for about 5 minutes & it was done.

For the sauce, you take a 1/4 bunch of fresh chives, 1/4 bunch of fresh parsley, 1/4 bunch of fresh tarragon & a 1/4 bunch of fresh cilantro. I was out of cilantro & i have never found fresh tarragon. So I used fresh sweet marjarom & some dried tarragon. Place herbs, about 1/3 cup of Canola oil, one Tbsp of dijon mustard & the juice of one lemon in a food processor & blend. Set aside while the salmon cooks for the seasons to blend together.

For the cauliflower, I just steamed some fresh cauliflower, when it was done, I transferred to a pyrex dish & sprinkle with cheddar cheese. Cover & let it melt.

This was a great low-carb dinner & took about 1 hour to make.

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