Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Help Me!!!

Holy green tomatoes!!!
We harvested our garden over the weekend, as the first frost hit KC. So now I have like 3lbs of green tomatoes.
Any recipes? Any ideas of what to do with these??



Shawnda said...

Other than fried green tomatoes? :)

Try storing them in a single-layer in a paper bag in a dark cabinet/pantry. They should ripen - just check on them every couple of days.

Good luck!

Sarah said...

I just had this awesome fried green tomato appetizer at a restaurant here. They took the tomatoes, sliced them, battered them, fried them, and then stacked them on top of one another, then they poured over a sauce (a pepper cream sauce with mushrooms and chicken). It was incredible.
Green tomato pickles?
Here's a link I found:

Leslie said...

Mmmm, ship them down here and we will find something to do with them in atlanta! They are popular here served with goat cheese.