Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Hash House A Go-Go

Sunday morning my mother-in-law come in town for a visit. I had remembered this place had opened at the Legends & recalled that they had a brunch menu they served on Sundays.

Here is a little review of Hash House a Go-Go from The Pitch:

The term “Go Go” comes from the French à gogo, meaning abundance or galore. This third restaurant in the Las Vegas-based Hash House A Go Go chain is all about abundance. The portions are so big, it’s almost embarrassing when servers start hauling out hubcap-sized plates heaped with home-style fare such as sage fried chicken, stuffed meat loaf, chicken and biscuits, and hand-hammered pork tenderloins. The food isn’t expensive, and (for a $2.50 split fee) one dinner can easily feed two – or more. A few breakfast dishes, including corned-beef hash, are offered on the dinner menu, but it’s worth coming back for the big ol’ breakfasts, including thick French toast, waffles, enormous pancakes and a wide array of hashes, scrambles and “Farm Benedicts.”

Hash House is a chain restuarant, which we were totally unaware ofm having places in Vegas & San Diego. (Note to self, find the one in Vegas, this would be great hangover food)

The atmosphere was great, however, it was FREZZING in the restaurant area. Now I am normally cold in restaurants, but this was straight up chilly. So we all ordered hot tea. They dont use pre-packaged tea bags, they make it fresh while you wait & let me tell you, it was some awesome tea!

The menu was very interesting, where else can you find meatloaf & ahi tuna on the same menu? Even though we were there for brunch I wanted to check out the full menu as well. It was very interesting & totally unique.

So we ordered our breakfast & started looking around at neighbors plates-these plates were huge! I am talking the size of a platter.
The hubs had Sausage and Gravy Pot Pie:

We were trying to put something next to this thing so you could get an idea of how large it was. (see Splenda packet) Honestly, the plate was the size of my serving pasta bowl I have at home.

My mother-in-law ordered a scramble, I believe it was ground turkey, mushrooms & broccoli.

Her's was served with potatoes, fresh fruit & a biscuit.

I had one of the "hashes", not totally knowing what a hash was, but hey it had artichoke hearts, sun-dried tomatoes & mushrooms in it.

This came with eggs, fresh fruit & a biscuit

Insanely large food portions to say the least. Its kind of embarassing when it comes to your table. Prices are very reasonable for the amount of food you get. We definetly had to get some to-go boxes.

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tiametalgoddess said...

I used to work at the HAsh House A go go at the Legends in Kansas City Missouri. Sadly, it closed. I adored this place, the owners, founders and people I worked with. I just wanted to clear something up out of respect to the owners and founders. A GO GO meant "NEW". Bringing Farm Food to you in a new way. Twisted farm food, urbanizing farm food. We were taught this by the original founders- Andy Beardslee and Johnny Rivera. Just wonderful guys I will never forget, nor will I forget the wonderful 6 mos I worked for them. I hope they prosper anywhere else that they decide to open up. :)I hope this wasnt offensive but I just wanted it to be known correctly...it has nothing to do with French or being large in portion. Tia~