Tuesday, April 29, 2008


As I am typing this, I realized I should have saved this dinner for Cinco de Mayo. Oops! Well I'll have to come up with another fabulous Mexican Dinner for May 5th.
Or wait, I will make something Irish. B/c you see, on St. Patrick's Day, the hubs & I went to On the Border. And he tried to order a Guinness. Yes, yes he did... Back on topic.

In the past few months, I have discovered chipotle peppers in adobe sauce. These spicy yet smoky suckers are awesome! It took me awhile to locate them at the P.Chop, but I did find them. Now, you don't use too many in any recipe so when I get the urge to have some, I need to find other recipes to use them in before they go bad. Yes I know you can freeze them, but I am weird and don't really like freezing things. Anywho, for a potluck luncheon at work next week, I decided to make the Chili & Cheddar Bow Tie Casserole I went in search of what else I could make with the peppers and found in my "Fall Recipes" document (yeah I know its Spring, I started it in the Fall and haven't gotten through all of them yet) Roasted Chicken Chipotle Nachos w/Avocado Crema. I apparently got this from "Sunset" magazine. Or to everyone else, myrecipes.com

  • So I didn't like idea of avocado-crema, we just a bowl of guac & a bowl of sour cream.
  • I grilled my chicken breasts with some "Southwestern" seasoning. No clue what was in it, but looked like some red pepper.
  • I started to chop up my 2 peppers, then realized I had forgotten to seed them. So I did my best to pick out the seeds but my lips were still on fire!
  • I decided to just keep all the mixins' separate. I hate when my nachos get soggy.

These were very good & a nice light dinner. So light in fact, that we made a run to Dairy Queen!

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