Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Orange Glazed Salmon & Garlic Onion Cous Cous

Well last week the Hubs and I sat down and went over our finances. We track everything and was in complete shock when I saw how much we spend at the grocery store per month for two people. I could feed a family of 4! Yes I completely understand that eating healthy is more expensive. But I just went to complain about it too!

Needless to say, I am trying to use everything we have in the house right now. I am tired of wasting things. I sometimes make too much for dinner, so I freeze it, only to forget its in the freezer. Or how about fresh produce that goes to waste? That really gets under my skin!

Last night was one of these clean out the pantry nights, that turned out pretty well. I marinated some salmon in OJ for about 45 minutes. Then I used my grill pan to grill it up. I topped it with about 2 Tbsp of cream cheese that had been mixed with dill. Since I topped the salmon with the cream cheese while it was still warm, the cream cheese turned into a nice sauce.

I checked out the pantry to see what else I could make. I had some plain couscous, so I got that out, realized I had some green onions in the produce bin that HAD to be used. I sauteed some chopped green onions & garlic in some olive oil. Cooked the couscous, then added the onions & garlic to the couscous. I added a little garlic salt to give it some more flavor.

Then I steamed some broccoli. (You know the BirdsEye frozen kind that steams in the bag in 5mins)

And there you have it, healthy dinner, without going to the store!

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bets0281 said...

Funny - we just analyzed our spending and had to ban Target. The amount of money we had spent there in a month on top of what I spent at the grocery store exceeds what I think we should spend on a monthly basis! Crazy!