Thursday, April 3, 2008

Still Boycotting

The grocery store and I are still in a fight. I haven't forgiven him for taking all my money, make me feel like I am some Sugar Mamma. We might have to make up this weekend since the fridge/pantry/deep freeze is starting to become bare, but my decisions will be made wisely.

Anyway, last night I had to make something for dinner. It was also trash night, which means I clean out the fridge. I had already taken tilapia out of the deep freeze to defrost, I just needed to make something to go with it. On Tuesday, we met a coworker at Gordon Biersch for Happy Hour. He ordered a tapas plate that have tapenade on it. Well lo and behold, I had tomatoes & black olives in my fridge that needed to be used up.

It was somewhat nice out last night, so I fired up the grill and made my tilapia foil packets. This is so easy b/c you don't have to flip the fish, it doesn't get stuck to the grill or the foil & you don't have to pay much attention to it. (This could easily be done in the oven)

Tilapia Tomato Foil Packets
By Jules

Tomatoes, quartered & somewhat seeded
Olives, halved
Seasoning, (I used Paul Purdhomme's Seafood Magic)

Spray your foil with the misto to prevent the fish from sticking.
Place fish in the middle of the foil sheet. Season with whatever you are using.
Top the fish with the tomatoes, then the olives.
Now make your packets. (I should have taken step by step pictures sorry!)
Bring the two longer pieces together and fold down. Now take the sides and fold inward.
Place on a heated grill for 20 minutes (do not peak in the packets, you will lose the steam).

I served this with a baked potato topped with broccoli & cheese.
You can do this technique with pretty much anything, salmon, chicken, etc... Top with your favorite veggies and season, then you are good to go.

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