Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Corn Off The Cob

Who doesn't love corn on the cob??? It signifies the beginning of BBQ season. You can have corn on the cob all summer long, for any meal! Ask my mom, she likes to have it for "brunch".
(My mom also thinks "brunch" is anywhere between 10am & 3pm. For example,
Mom: Hey come to our house for Brunch this weekend.
Me: Ok Mom, when?
Mom: Oh like 2pm, how does that sound?).
We love corn on the cob at our house, but we HATE how it gets all caught up in your teeth & its so messy.

Enter, the corn stripper.

You can pick up one of these suckers at Bed, Bath & Beyond for about $12.00 Santa brought the hubs one for his stocking this past winter & we busted it out! We have actually used it a few times but this time I took some pictures.

Here is the corn on the cob

Next you have the corn stripped off the cob & in the handy holder.

Here is the corn off the cob & nicely plated.

Talk about super easy! It takes a few times to get it right but well worth it in the end.
And, I didn't get a picture, but the hubs made some great BBQ pork chops last night for dinner. Thanks Hubs!


Shauna said...

What a neat little thing! I may have to run to BB&B to get one!

Leslie said...

How does it strip? Mason would love this!

Ally said...

What a cool gadget! I'm embarassed to say that I usually pick the kernels off one by one for fear of getting them stuck in my teeth. Only at home though. ; )