Friday, April 11, 2008

Kiss & Shop Again

Well I could only hold out for so long on the "Great Grocery Store Boycott of 2008". Not so much b/c I wanted to go to the store, but b/c we really had nothing left in the house, I was tired of eating out or eating leftovers & really, I just wanted to cook something.

The grocery gods were in my favor this week! I shop at Price Chopper. I know my way around the store so I don't get frustrated and something about them saying at the end "You saved $35.16" makes me all happy. This week the ole P.Chop was having a sale on meat & dairy! What more could one ask for!! So I stocked up on some chicken breast (about 60% off) as well as pork chops & some other things here and there. I was proud of my grocery store trip.

Back to food. So I now have food in the house! Woo-hoo! My blog will no longer be greyed out on your Google Reader. To kick off the renewed cooking at Jules house, I decided to make Chicken Francese. I saw this over on Culinary Infatuation. While not entirely healthy, it was somewhat healthy and I could adjust to make it shade more healthy. (Basically I am saying we are not totally sticking to our diet from P90X, but we are trying).

Anyway I served this with some garlic mashed red potatoes (boiled red potatoes, skim milk, some garlic powder and a lil spray butter)
To lighten up the chicken, I used olive oil to pan "fry" it. I also cut back on quite a bit of the butter for the sauce and I used low sodium chicken broth.
This was delicious and even better the next day. I think the next time I make this, I may add some Thyme to the sauce to give it a different flavor.

PS Sorry for the yellow photo. We had some NASTY weather in the Midwest last night.

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