Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Helping Others

My girlfriends and I decided to put our cooking skills to use last night. We volunteered to make dinner for the Ronald McDonald house. We picked this date about a month ago, I had realized it was right after Easter, but whatever, I like to cook right? Anyway, we made SOOOOO much stuff. We were supposed to cook for approximately 30 people,we saw maybe 15 people at the house, so to say we overcooked would be quite an understatement. We cooked for probably 50+ people. I made 30 creamy chicken enchiladas, my friend made 30 cheese enchiladas, we had 5lbs of chicken taco meat, about 5 lbs of beef taco meat, a giant tray of mexican rice & like 10 cans of refried beans. Not to mention, soft taco shells, hard taco shells, queso dip, salsa & dip. Oh and I made margarita cupcakes. Dinner would not be complete without dessert!
And let me tell you, I was not pleased to be cooking or baking on Monday night. When I post our Easter Dinner you will understand why. I have been cooking since Friday. I am taking the week off. It going to be all Sandra Lee/Rachel Ray week with the leftovers.
Here is the spread:

The margarita cupcakes:

The frosting wasn't coming out of the bag looking pretty so we just spread it with a knife. This was my first attempt at buttercream frosting and I dont know why I have ever bought frosting before. This tasted a TON better than store bought stuff and was super easy to make.

We decided to make this a monthly or bi-monthly event. Our next date is in May and we were thinking of doing a deli theme. I am sure we will make enough to serve 75-100 people for that dinner. We even tossed around the idea that we should start our own catering business, we could do rehearsal dinners, birthdays, etc...


Anonymous said...

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Julia & Tyler said...

That is so great that you guys did that! We have groups bring by food or come cook at the DV shelter I work at almost every weekend. It is SUCH a lifesaver because we are short staffed on the weekends and that means I have to cook if we don't have a volunteer group! They often bring more than enough food (better safe than sorry) but we use up all the leftovers. I think it's great you guys are gonna start doing this regularly!

Average Jane said...

I love doing Ronald McDonald House dinners with the Soroptimist Club. We almost always do the smaller one across the street, though.