Thursday, March 27, 2008

ED: Carrot Cake

I swear this is the last Easter Dinner update.

Ah the carrot cake. I do believe carrot cake is my fave. Well I like lemon cake too. I think my love for carrot cake is really just for the frosting. I mean, who doesn't love cream cheese frosting?? And with the Easter bunny, carrot cake had to be served for dessert.

Trying to find a recipe was a task. I didn't want nuts in my cake, not everyone likes nuts. I didn't want coconut, the Hubs doesnt enjoy coconut and to be honest I don't particularly like it on my carrot cake either. I just wanted some plain ole carrot cake.
**I can not locate the recipe right now. I need to look at my print outs at home to figure out which one I used. I thought I got it from food network & I do recall it said I needed to grate 9 carrots**

So I only got one picture, with the guests already there, they looked at me funny when I was trying to sneak in a picture of my cake. This was delicious. I have more carrots in the fridge and might be making some more this weekend!! I will say though, it was better on Monday than on Sunday. I think maybe b/c it had a day to sit in the fridge that the frosting had better consistency. On ED my fridge was so full, there was no way I could fit the cake in there for the entire time. I think as it warmed up in the house, the frosting started to get too warm.

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~Amber~ said...

I love carrot cake, this looks wonderful!