Monday, March 3, 2008

Blackened Cajun Chicken

Last week we had a cajun style tilapia. It had great flavor and hubs really liked it, only it wasn't very filling. Then again, tilapia isn't a very filling fish. So he asked that I make the same blackened spices but on chicken. Easy enough.

I don't measure so sorry about that, but here is what I used:
Smoked paprika
Cajun Seasoning from McCormicks

I just sprinkled this on the chicken, sprayed a grill pan with Misto and got it somewhat "smoking" then added the chicken and cooked until it was done. I had really thick chicken breasts so I butterflied them to keep the moist.

Served with a little Far East CousCous and some broccoli with cheese (2% cheddar) and "Voila!" you have a meal in about 25 minutes.

Speaking of "Voila". My nephews spent the night this weekend. They are 6 & 3 and very inquisitive. I happened to say "Voila!" at some point and my nephew asked "what does "wah-lah" mean?" Try explaining that to a 6 year old. Basically we said it meant "I am done" or "here I am." Which proceeded to have him saying "Wah-lah" after everything. "Hey Aunt Julie, I got my seatbelt buckled. Oh Wahlah!"


monica byrne said...

I have been reading your food blog and I must say, I'm very impressed!!! I love the way you plate things and picture them on your site. I too, have a passion for cooking, almost am obsession, and just wanted to say keep up the good work. Also wanted to ask, how are you not 400 lbs.? Since getting really serious about cooking, I'm up 30 lbs. from where I was at this time last yr.!!

Julie said...

Thanks for the comments! I work out a lot to keep off the pounds. I also cut back on baking which sucks for my blog but good for me I guess!