Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Yea! Hubs cooked for us!!

I had some work I needed to do around 6pm last night, so I told the hubs he could make dinner. I had taken out some salmon for us and let him know what I had planned to make. He went with it and it was fabulous!

We had Nemmie's Chopped Salad as an app (the way I made it before, without the chicken & pasta) I truly believe its the salad dressing. Its amazing.
He steamed some cauliflower & topped it off with cheddar cheese (2% cheese, not all that fat). And for the salmon, he drizzle sun-dried tomato olive oil over the salmon, topped it off with spinach & sliced mushrooms. He cooked these en papillote, which is just a fancy word for cooking the food in a foil or parchment paper packet. I love cooking fish this way because it stays so moist, especially when you are cooking at high temperatures. He cooked ours at 350 for 20 minutes & realized it was nowhere close to being done, so I up'd it to 400 for about 15 minutes.

I may just let him in the kicthen more often.


Sarah said...

Props to the hubby! Proud of you two for sticking to your diet/workout--you are doing great!

Amanda said...

Sooo, you just toss all the stuff in a pocket and GO! I like that!