Thursday, January 24, 2008

Egg Souffle

Funny story here. I didn't realize that I was making an egg souffle. I was actually trying to make mini quiches for the Hubs and I to have for breakfast, but that didn't work out so well. So for those that think souffles are hard, they aren't. In fact, you can accidentally make it!

1 1/2 container of egg beaters
sauteed mushrooms (you can sub any veggie in here)
mozz cheese
deli ham, turkey or chicken, cut into bite-size pieces
S&P and other spices you desire

In a bowl, whisk the egg beaters with the spices. In individual sized casserole bowls, layer shrooms on the bottom, then chicken, the cheese. Pour eggs over the top. Don't fill this too much or they will overflow. (I did fill them too much) If you think they are going to overflow, place on a cookie sheet prior to putting them in the oven.
I believe I cooked these for like 35-45 minutes at 350. Basically until the eggs are firm.

And people don't lie, they do really fall fast!

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Danilo Hernandez said...

I noticed the recipe calls for 1 1/2
carton of egg whites or is it 1/2 carton? Unless each souffle is two servings.