Monday, June 25, 2007

Ha! I did have time to post!!!

In our attempt to eat all leftovers before Thursday, I got out all the veggies we had in the fridge & made salad. Its like a cobb salad I would say.

I had lettuce, Tomatoes, carrots, celery, hard boiled eggs, turkey, provolone chese, extra sharp cheddar cheese & avocados.

I served it with some flat bread & hummus.

I love the Athenos Hummus, this flavor was roasted red pepper.


Julia & Tyler said...

Yum your salad looks amazing, and the roasted red pepper hummus is my fave! It's so pricey here in d.c., I hope it's more affordable in k.c.!

Sarah said...

Your salad looks so good right now. It's so hot, but I want to eat something and that looks like it would hit the spot!