Friday, May 30, 2008


One summer, my friend Jennifer & I had a little bit of an obsession with kabobs. I think it came about more b/c we a) dont know how make small amounts of food. If we are cooking, we'd better invite 50 people and b) one bag of wooden kabob sticks last forever.

So whenever I make kabobs I think of her. Anyway, I busted out some kabob sticks the other evening & grilled up chicken & shrimp teryaki kabobs. My intention was to make them Monday evening, but the hubs & I were tired & sick so we had Sheridan's Custard for dinner. These bad boys marinated for at least 24 hours since I didnt grill them until Tuesday.

I cut up some of our favorite veggies & grilled them as well. There isn't a recipe for kabobs. Pretty much a few steps-->

  1. soak your wooden kabobs in water

  2. cut & marinate your meats, seafood, whatever

  3. cut & season you veggies

  4. turn on the grill

  5. make the kabobs

  6. grill

  7. Eat!

I served this with some Near East Tomato Lentil couscous.

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