Friday, May 30, 2008

Catching Up For May

Wow. Can you believe its almost June? This year is just flying by! I am so excited for summer to be here. KC has the most wishy-washy weather & I am tired of going between dresses & shorts, to jeans & sweaters. Hopefully June will bring us some consistency. I figured since May is almost over, I should probably get my May pictures & recipes loaded. So I apologize in advance for the mass overload of updates.

First up. Mother's Day. My dad called me and said "Jules I saw a great recipe that Paula Deen was making today. We should make it for your mother." Yes my dad watches food network. In fact, my dad loves food network. He cracks me up. The recipe, Steak & Pie, is what he thought would be good for my mom. Its kind of like surf & turf but with waaaayyyy more fat & calories!
Dad said he would take care of the steak part, I had to do the pie part. So I read the recipe and think, really Dad? 2 sticks of butter & cream cheese?? Right before summer? Thanks for the extra days at the gym.

Anywho, we were serving 6 adults & 2 kids. So I didn't want to make the individual pies. But other than that, I didn't edit a thing on the recipe. I just made it in one large pie pan. I had at least enough filling left over for another pie. I just didn't have enough crust.

My dad made the steaks. OH.SO.GOOD. Cooked to perfection

And lots of shrooms to boot!

So who knew a 6 yr old would love it? My nephew stuck up his nose to those hot dogs we made for he & his brother & devoured a little tenderloin & shrimp.

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