Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Arts & Crafts

I am not a very crafty person. I just don't possess the talent that some people have for creating somehting out of nothing. Two of my good friends are expecting babies in June & July, so we threw a joint baby shower for them over the weekend. You know that at almost every baby shower, there will be some game played. I especially like the "forbidden" words game b/c it doesn't take much to make it up & does not really involved a lot of participation from the guests.
Forbidden word game usually consists of somehting like, you can not say "baby, cute, ahh" or you can not do something that the pregnant mom can't do, like cross your legs. Now when you say these things, you have to give something up. While I was catching up on Hostess with the Mostess, I saw the lifesaver pacifiers. HOW CUTE! Surely I can do these!

So I did. I am proud!

Here are the instructions-->
Create "candy pacifiers" from Pep-O-Mint Lifesavers and brightly colored jelly bellys. To make the pacifiers, simply hot-glue 2 of the lifesavers together in a perpendicular fashion. Next, chop off the end of a jelly belly so it's a shorter and has one straight edge. Hot glue the straight edge to the center of the top lifesaver, and voila! (Just remember to warn guests that they're not actually edible!)

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