Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Pioneer Burgers

I was recently directed to a wonderful blog, Pioneer Woman Cooks, she is hilarious. She makes the kinds of dishes my husband dreams I would make. Coming from the Midwest, he is a steak & potato guy. I am more of the vegetable & chicken type of girl, but I cater to him every once in awhile.
When I saw her recipe for onion straws, I marked it down. I was imagining the burgers from Chili's. The ones they top with onion rings, which then led me to Oklahoma Joe's Z-Man Sandwich. I am no good at BBQ'ing so I stuck with the burger idea.

This was my first time frying something in a pan. We have a Fry Daddy, but if I use it, I feel so guilty & fat. So I guess using the regular pan somehow makes it less deep fried, more like shallow fried and shallow sounds less fatty right??

These were so good! My first batch came out awesome, but as I progressed they started to take longer & become browner & stuck together more. I think maybe I made too many. But Pioneer is 100% right, you can snack on these until the cows come home!

We just made some cheddar burgers on the grill, topped them the onion straws & some BBQ sauce. Delicious!

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