Monday, July 14, 2008

Pilsbury #2

As I mentioned, I am trying to use my cookbooks more often. I am one of those people who gets cookbooks, reads them, then puts them away, never to be opened again. Here is the downside to using the cookbooks: the recipes are not online. I normally update my blog when I am not near my cookbook, so I have been slacking.

I made the Raspberry Cream Coffee Cake this past week. I love to bake, but with 2 people in the house, its hard to justify baking something so large & rich. So I brought it in to my Work Barista. See, my coworker & I have a killer cube set up, which allows us to have a coffee machine/comfy chair/socialize area. What's a barista without coffee cake?

Of course the recipe is at home & I don't have it with me, but here are some pictures!

I do know that it had sour cream, cream cheese & raspberry preserves in it- that should get you started right?? ;) I'll post the recipe a little later.

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Joelen said...

Oh My! Julie that looks awesome! Do you have a recipe for that glorious looking coffee cake?