Friday, November 2, 2007

Hollow Weenies

Oh this is what happens when the Hubs & I have to work very early in the morning and don't get enough sleep.
Halloween was on Wednesday and I had planned to make Gnocchi with Pumpkin Sauce for dinner. However, the day was pretty bad, getting to work at 6:30am, all kinds of things were broken, I was exhausted. Needless to say, I didn't think experimenting with dinner would be the best idea.
As we drove home from work, I was asking what to make for dinner & for some reason I said something about it being Halloweeny. Well then I said, I could make weenies for dinner? And The Hubs:"What about hollowed-weenies??"
Me: "What?"
Hubs:"We could hollow out the inside of a hot dog!"
Me: laughing all the way home.
So here it is, the hollow weenies
This was a challenge. See I have a corer, but it was too big to hollow out. So then we thought we could use a straw but it wasn't strong enough. Then we cleaned out a pen of its insides & used the outer portion of the pen. It seemed to do the job.
of course you have to stuff the hollowweenie with cheese.
And top with chili.
So Happy Hollow Ween Everyone!


~Amber~ said...

Haha, what a cute idea!

Nemmie said...

Awesome. I want hollow weenies!

Stacey said...

Very Creative! I think Matt would love those.

Sarah said...

You crack me up! I love this.

Rachael said...

OMG, that is hilarious.