Friday, November 16, 2007

Using up the produce

I had zucchini & some fresh tomatoes at home that I didn't want to go to waste while we were out of town. It was our last batch of garden fresh tomatoes & it would have been sad to toss them in the garden. I wanted to make something where the leftovers could be frozen since we are headed out for a few days. So I sliced up the zucchini, tomatoes & made a risotto-type of meal.

Heat about 2 Tbsp olive oil in a large skillet. Add minced garlic, I used 2 cloves. Next add the sliced zucchini, I used 2. Saute until tender. In the mean time, cook about 4 servings of rice. I used brown rice, but you can use whatever.
When the zucchini are soft, add the tomatoes. Next add the rice, about 1 cup of chicken broth & some shredded parmesan cheese. Cook over low heat until creamy.

Mine turned out a little watery, i think b/c I didnt seed the tomatoes before I put them in. All in a good vegetarian dish!

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