Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Roll Tide Roll

The hubs & I made a weekend trip to Birmingham this past weekend to visit friends we met on our honeymoon. Talk about a great time!! So before I get into the details of said trip, thanks for having us, even though I am a klutz :-)

Since we were visiting from the BBQ mecca of the US, we brought down some rubs & BBQ sauce from various KC Local places: Arthur Bryants, Oklahoma Joe's, Jack Stack & a few other places. This seemed quite appropriate seeing as my husband is a "Certified BBQ Judge" .

Saturday we hit up the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, football game & even though we were probably the bad luck charm (Losing to La. Monroe???) we enjoyed the game thoroughly. Hubs & I were in absolute awe at how large the stadium is. To give you an idea, Arrowhead seats about 80,000, this stadium sat about 93,000!!

Before leaving Tuscaloosa, our friends took us to Dreamland BBQ "Ain't nothing Like 'em Nowhere!" Hubs gave the ribs a 7 out of 9 for appearance, 9 out of 9 for texture 7 out of 9 for taste. Not too bad if I do say so!

Another local favorite we sampled, Milo's. They put some kind of sauce on the burger, almost like a spicy BBQ sauce. And you can't visit the south without having sweet tea.

And while I didn't take any pictures, Stefan made some great steaks for us on Sunday night.

So thanks again friends!! We can't wait for you to come up to KC.

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Renea said...

Well next time you'll have to go to an Auburn game. Boo Alabama!
; P And Milo's has the BEST sweet tea!