Friday, August 29, 2008

Out to Eat: Chicago

I normally do not post much about food when we eat out but I had to make a quick one this time.

The Hubs & I were in Chicago last weekend visiting friends & family. Every time we go we get three things: Portillo's Italian Beef, Vienna Chicago Hot Dogs & Santorini's.
Santorini's is a Greek restaurant in, you guessed it, Greektown.

The hubs was in love when we ordered saganaki. For those that don't know, saganaki is a flaming cheese. Anything that is on fire in front of us us cool to the Hubs.

Anyway, I ordered the Shrimp Santorini. These shrimp were HUGE!!!

If you do get to Chicago sometime, stop by Santorini's. It wont be the healthiest meal, but at least get the flaming cheese!

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