Friday, August 8, 2008

Garlic Swirl Bread

I promised my friend Betsi I would post this for her today! The hubs & I are visiting a friend tonight who recently have birth to a gorgeous baby girl. Being the kind friend I am, we are taking them dinner. On the menu: Fresh Greens salad w/ cherry tomatoes, the hubs deep dish pan of lasagna, garlic swirl bread & lemon raspberry cake.

I will be the first to tell you, I do not have success with yeast bread very often. I will only try it if I promise I will not be upset with myself if it doesn't work. Well, yesterday started out with an all around good day. Got all the errands ran I needed to, so I started on the bread. I truly believe that the reason my yeast bread does not work in my house is b/c its too cold. Yesterday it was a comfortable 75-78 degrees inside & I think this is what helped it along.

I found the garlic swirl bread at Amber's Kitchen. She made it sound so easy, and in fact it was. I will probably use this as a base recipe for future breads (sun dried tomato & parmesan cheese anyone??)
Here it is before I rolled it up:

For the filling, I used my food processor to mix together the ingredients to get a nice whipped butter.

I will say I was very thankful this turned out. My day took a turn right before I was waiting for the second rise, so I was just praying it would work. I don't have any pictures of the swirl so we will have to wait for some feedback from my friend on how it is!

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Joelen said...

yum! Anything with garlic is good to me :)