Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Slow Cooker Turkey Breast Roast & The Cable Saga

Yesterday was a big day for our household. Yes, we caved & got AT&T U-Verse installed. Now to some of you this may be no big deal, but for us, well it was. You see, when Mike & I got engaged we were trying to cut back on expenses to pay for the wedding. So we decided, maybe we should get rid of cable. We hadn't even turned the TV in weeks when we made this decision. We ditched DVR a few months prior to that because it stressed me out. As in, our DVR would be 85% full & I would freak out & have to watch hours of TV just to get it down to 50% so I could record more useless shows, & of course, accomplish nothing but watching some show I would never have watched if I didn't have DVR.

(I am realizing right now what a journey getting cable has been)
Moving on to the week of the wedding... I took the week off from work to prepare & was leaving the house when I noticed these shovels & orange construction fence in the front yard. So I call Mike & asked, did we have someone coming out to the house? He said no, I couldn't find any trucks to ask them what they were doing, so Mike leaves work for fear a utility company was going to tear up his precious yard. We find out that AT&T has dug a GIANT hole in the utility easement (which happens to be on our property) It was a disaster. I am pretty sure they had a bobcat out there digging this hole. (which is funny, b/c I never heard them) We finally find the people who are doing this & call AT&T. They promise the yard will be fine, they will put it back the way they found it. (Which they didn't, they just threw down some seeds)

Anyway, over the course of the year whiteout cable, only basic TV channels(NBC,CBS,ABC,Fox...) & of course high speed internet, we realize we don't watch TV all that much. So post-wedding, we just left the cable situation the way it was. Until one day we received a little flyer in the mail. Santa Claus came in July this year!!! AT&T U-Verse was offering a great deal for only $10 more than what we were already paying. Sa-weet! They came out yesterday to install it for us. Since I had to stay home while they installed it, I knew I would be at work late & thought, well I guess I will just throw this turkey in the crock pot so it will be ready when I get home. AND I knew I would want to watch the cable channels when I got home & not cook.

Slow Cooker Turkey Breast Roast
1 turkey breast roast
chicken broth-low sodium

Throw into a crockpot, put on low for 8 hours.
**I didn't add enough chicken broth & the turkey was dry. In the future, I shall error on the side of too much when crock pot cooking**

I sauteed up some fresh zucchini & squash, which was sprinkle with parmesan cheese.
We also had our favorite summer dish- marinated tomatoes!

Mike calls these Tony's Tomatoes
red onions
Red Wine Vinegar
fresh basil
seasonings-we use Aromat

Slice tomatoes and layer in a dish. Top with seasonings & onions. Add red wine vinegar & olive oil. toss around, add basil.

Let these sit for at least 4 hours. The flavors really blend better then. Also, you can serve them with cottage cheese, we just didn't have any in the house.

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