Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!

Last Thursday was my 29th birthday. I guess my friends & I have reverted back to the days of elementary school where you got cupcakes on your birthday. Maybe to make us feel young or maybe to indulge, at any rate, I am not going to complain!
Thanks to my friend Kari for getting me some "Babycakes".

Babycakes is a cute little bakery located in River Market, downtown Kansas City. The specialize in gourmet cupcakes & I finally got my own! (Flashback to late June, when we got her babycakes)
I believe I received the following:

carrot cake, lemon
red velvet, chocolate with peanut butter frosting
strawberry, yellow cake with chocolate frosting
white on white, white with chocolate
and I honestly dont know what else, but they all look delicious!

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