Sunday, August 26, 2007

Guac & Lasagna

You may be thinking-what? that sounds disgusting! And I would agree, those two together are probably not tasty, but these are the two things my husband makes so well that I don't even try. Earlier this week we had some friends over for dinner & taco night sounded the easiest. We had actually gone to a farmer's market earlier in the day & came across some homemade taco seasoning, so we really just wanted to try it out.

We had ground turkey & shredded chicken for our meats, your standard lettuce, tomatoes, cheese & salsa. My favorite Spanish rice is made by Rice-A-Roni, called "Spanish Rice" it has great flavor & you add a can of tomatoes to it.
And below, for your viewing pleasure, my husband's homemade guacamole!
I don't know the measurements, and I doubt he does too, but it goes something like this:
lime juice
fresh cracked salt
We have come to love the Tostito's Gold Tortilla chips with this, but any chip will do. Sometimes the lime ones are quite delicious as well.
Also, this was a bit of an escapade for my hubby. he went to one store & the avocados were so hard, but he went ahead & bought them, came home & couldn't even scoop out the flesh, so he went to another store to find some more. Needless to say, look for more avocado recipes in the upcoming week, as I need to use them up when they ripen.

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