Monday, September 8, 2008

Slow Cooker Ribs

Earlier this summer I bought 2 giant slabs of ribs at the grocery store. They were on sale & the hubs said he wanted to smoke them. Well I went to the store alone & was like "Man these things are HUGE". But, having zero experience with smoking ribs, I tossed the pack in my cart & went on my way.

So I get home, unload the car & show the ribs to the Hubs. He says "oh wow. Those won't fit on the smoker." Um great. Good thing I had room in the deep freeze. And there they sat, since June I would guess, until last Monday. Over Labor Day weekend, I actually remembered to pull them out to let the defrost. I went on a search for a slow-cooker/crock-pot recipe. Two of my friends had a pretty simple recipe.

Some type of rub
beer or coke
slow cooker
BBQ sauce

On Sunday night, I cut the ribs into manageable pieces & rubbed them down. Then let them marinate over night. Before I came into work, I pulled out my crock pot, filled it up with ribs & one can of beer. Set it to cook for 4 hours on low. Only, I still had about 15 ribs left in my bag. Good thing I had ANOTHER crock pot. So I dumped the ribs in there with whatever leftover flat coke I had in the fridge & set it on low for the day.

When we got home from work I had success! (Which makes me like 2 for 5 on slow cooker recipes.) According to my friends, I needed to heat the oven to 325F. Take the ribs out of the slow cooker & baste with BBQ sauce on a cookie sheet. Place the ribs in the oven for 10 minutes per side.

These were soooo good! The meat was falling off the bone as I was trying to use my tongs to get them out of the crock pot. I had to use a spatula to get them off the cookie sheet. The coke ones were sweeter than the beer ones and I liked the taste more on those, but the beer ones had better meat texture.

Now the only problem I have is that I only have 2 people living in my house. That's a lot of ribs!


Joelen said...

With the cooler weather, I'm looking forward to crockpot ribs. They look amazing!

Dee said...

I've done ribs in the crockpot. I use a rub of brown sugar, garlic and liquid smoke. They are out of this world. The liquid smoke gives them a great flavor.

As to the amount of ribs for 2 people. When I made them I had 2 crockpots full for 4 people and they were still asking for more when those were gone.