Sunday, September 21, 2008

Been Busy

I realize I haven't been posting lately and for that I apologize. The hubs and I are preparing for a trip to Ireland and have been spending most of our free time doing research. On top of that, work has been crazy busy as people realized the summer is over and there are only 3 months left of 2008.

I have been cooking & prepping & gardening. I don't have many pictures, as some of the things I made are in the freezer waiting for a cold winter day. Good thing we have a deep freeze, because there would be no room for all these goodies.

To lead off, we'll start with the garden. KC has seen some crazy weather over the past few months. Our tomato plants become diseased and due to all the rain, the hubs was unable to save them. So we harvested as many tomatoes as we could & pulled them out. Good bye tomatoes! I ended up making chicken tortilla soup,
tomato basil soup, tomato sauce & quite a few bags of diced tomatoes. I think I ended up with about 6 bags of 32 oz diced tomatoes, 4 bags of 16 oz tomatoes, 2 containers of 32 oz tomato sauce, and probably 5 containers of 24 oz marinara sauce. Oh and I can't forget the 25+ jars of salsa we made. The tomatoes were good to use this year.

Our pepper plants grew as tall as the tomato plants. Unfortunately, a round of heavy storms plummeted KC & the plants perished. Most just lots some limbs, but one green pepper plant broke in half. I just sliced the poblanos and green peppers & placed them freezer bags. My mother in law bought us one of those
Reynolds Vacuum seal things. It rocks!

Our basil plant also perished in the storms. It split right in half. I harvested as much as I could handle within a two hour time frame & called it quits.

On a more positive note, the hubs planted another squash & zucchini plant. They are starting to sprout produce. Who knows what I will do with this stuff.

Hopefully I can post pictures of some of the things I have made soon.

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