Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Shrimp in Tarragon Sauce

I saw this last week over at Meg's and realized its diet friendly. I am always on the search for new recipes that fit inot the diet and let me tell you, its hard to find in my blogosphere! Don't get me wrong, I love looking at the pictures of the chocolate cakes, the king cakes, the cookies. In fact, I typically salivate at my desk just viewing this eye candy-its the food porn addiction. But I have my special word doc that is called "post diet recipes" of all the baked goodies I wish to make. So sometime this summer you will see lemon meringue pie and BCCC grace the pages of my blog. Until then...

This was a nice quick meal. We didnt get home until close to 7:45 last night and I hadn't set anything out to defrost, so shrimp it was. I could have sworn we planted tarragon in our garden last summer, but I couldn't find any dried stuff. Thankfully I had some store bought tarragon so I used that instead.

This made enough for 4 meals, last night we had it with brown rice, for lunch we had it with whole wheat thin spaghetti. Very delicious!

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Joy Through Cooking said...

Glad you liked it! Love healthy flavorful meals too :)