Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Festive Appetizer

My cousin made this dip while we were visiting in Chicago. I was in love with it (as was my munchkin)

Its so easy and has the red, green & white colors you need for your Christmas Dinner, open house, etc...

You'll need
Sun dried tomatoes-jarred in oil, preferably diced or sliced
pesto- you can make our own or buy the premade kind, about 2 cups
cream cheese- 1-2 boxes, so I think 16 oz?

So, I let the cream cheese sit out until softened, then I whipped in it the kitchen aid. Once that was done, I spread it on a serving dish.
Next pour on the pesto, spread it all over the cream cheese.
Then layer with the sun dried tomatoes. You'll want to keep some of the oil, not all of it though.

And you are done. Serve with ritz or club crackers.


Christy said...

Just browsing through, and thought I would tell y ou how scrumptuous this looks! Thanks for sharing all your great goodies! I'll be visiting more often - looking to spice up my own menus. Thanks!

Maria said...

I just found your blog looking for an easy Swedish meatball recipe ~
Love the recent recipes... I may make the squash casserole for New Year's Day!
Thank you and Happy New Year!

Julie said...

Thanks! I love new blog followers!!!