Monday, September 17, 2007

Oh fall, how i love thee

I love Fall! Well not really, but I like the first few weeks of fall, when I am tired with the hot Summer days & welcome the coolness & dark mornings. I mostly love fall because that means I can bake again & make soups, stews & casseroles that I have put on the back burner because it was too hot.

This Saturday I decided to try my hand at bread bowls. For Christmas, my husband bought me the "Panera Cookbook" I hadn't made a thing from it, but I decided to take a look & see if I could recreate some of their delicious breads.
I chose three cheese bread & figured I could shape it into bowls. Their process was different from the way I normally make homemade bread. They use a preferment method where you mix some of the yeast, water & flour together & let is rise, then you mix more yeast, water & flour + ingredients again and let it rise. I had some issues with the dough rising the second time. It basically didn't. I don't know if i kneaded it too much or if it was b/c they house was cold. But it didn't rise :-( Oh well, I baked it anyway.

I'll have to post the recipe later, as I left the book at home. But it had Romano, asiago & Parmesan cheese in it.

My husband enjoyed it, I thought it was "doughy" but then again, I think all bread stuffed with cheese turns out "doughy"

It didn't quite work as a bread bowl. So I just tore it apart & we ate it dipped in the Baked Potato & Broccoli Cheese soup (post to come on that one)

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